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88C Series Amplifiers

Linea’s 88C Series of eight-channel amplifiers are optimized for use in installations. Combining massive power and peerless audio performance with unique DSP, the 88C Series also incorporates many features that ease it’s integration on to both new and legacy systems, the 88C Series represents an unmatched advancement in amplifier technology.


88C Series Features

Eight channels of sonically pure Class D amplification

Unique, precise, 96kHz digital signal processing

Over‐designed switch mode power supply

85V to 240V Auto-sensing PSU

3,000 to 20,000 watts RMS total output

Tamperproof front panel

Ethernet network for system operation and monitoring

Analogue, AES3 and optional Dante™ / AES67 digital network audio

Powerful grouping & multi‐layer EQ

Accepts 48kHz and 96kHz FIR files via System Engineer (certain models)

Sharing the same feature set and form factor as Linea's 44C Series of four channel amplifiers the 88C Series is available in models that develop between 400Watts and 2,500 Watts per channel (up to 5,000 Watts for a bridged pair). Unusually these are not, ‘transient’, ‘burst’ or ‘peak’ power figures, they are the power levels that are delivered by all channels simultaneously even when driven with the same dense program material.

With Linea amplifiers there is no need to ration power between channels, you can use all the power you have paid for all the time. This has been independently verified.

The advanced 96kHz DSP is fully integrated into the product and provides an array of unique and genuinely useful features

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