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Electric chain motors C1

The GIS motor in C1 version is an electric chain hoist which is specifically developped, rated and designed for holding and moving loads above people. It is light and compact in design and thus perfectly suited for mobile use and responds to the requirements in accordance with EN 14492, DIN 56950 and IGVW SQP2. Due to the modular design of the GIS chain hoist, the path and load measurement can be implemented in a simple way. Encoders for path measurement can be mounted on the chain wheel or on the rotor shaft. Due to the high power reserve of the motors, the chain hoists have an excellent synchronisation during group movements. GIS motors in C1 version also cover high lifting speeds up to 32 m/min. (50 Hz).


Electric chain hoist LP C1

LPM250, LP500 - 2500, up to 6300 kg

Reliable and long-lasting

    Robust: 3 year warranty

    Proven DC spring brake, with or without monitoring

    Highest safety with brake positioned after the slipping clutch

Easy to operate

    Quiet running: with 3-step drive and helical gearing

    Weatherproof: Protection class IP65 as standard

    Simple: Polygonal design for an easy maintenance

Customer specific

    Preparation for load and path measurement​

    Suitable for frequency inverted operation

    Wide range of accessories and options

Goes Well With