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✔ Play music using Spotify, Tunify, or your own music library

✔ Schedule videos and advertising

✔ Set the right atmosphere with our extensive lighting controls

✔ Simple user interface for non-technical staff

✔ Remotely control your business from anywhere in the world


LIVIAU S is a completely new approach to AV control for bars, clubs, retail and corporate applications. A single, elegant touchscreen-based unit combined with highly intuitive operation provides control over audio and video playback (including comprehensive scheduling), plus a fully integrated DMX controller for powerful and sophisticated lighting control.

Remotely control your business from anywhere in the world by smartphone, PC, or tablet. Distributing content to your bar, restaurant or shop was never easier, as you can remotely drop your media files on LIVIAU’s upgradable internal hard disk and schedule them to play at any time.

LIVIAU S is simple to install, energy-efficient, great to look at, and very cost-effective in comparison with other commercial control systems available.


As well as regular architectural lighting, up to sixteen intelligent lighting devices may also be controlled from the LIVIAU S, including moving heads, strobes, RGB devices, lasers, dimmers, and more. In addition to the in-built DMX512 controller, LIVIAU S also incorporates a programmable lighting mixer offering 24 cues, 16 fixtures, a sequencer with fade time, and an effects generator with pan & tilt.


Whether the LIVIAU S is installed in a retail outlet, house of worship, restaurant/bar, or commercial facility; having a way of playing video content in a managed and structured way to help convey your message can be exceptionally beneficial. The power of LIVIAU S allows this, and with the ability to select the appropriate video clip for your scheduled event, the LIVIAU S can create exactly the right ambiance in which to deliver your message.


Audio input connectivity includes two microphones and four line-level inputs, plus two inputs sourced from the HDMI input connector. Two additional internally sourced audio inputs are also provided for routing internally stored audio. Six line level outputs are provided, plus the outputs of the internal 50 W/channel stereo amplifier and internally sourced audio files. Routing – All inputs can be combined and routed at will to any output using the audio mixing page.Automation

With 6 GPO & 2 GPIO connections, LIVIAU R provides a basic room automation system for your board or conference room. Pre-program up to 4 buttons to trigger the blinds, a projector screen, or a beamer mount. Make your room presentation ready in a blink of an eye.