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Solus NX 4x4

Standalone DSP Price / Performance Breakthrough

DSP Processing Identical to Radius / Edge / Prism

Delay Memory Identical Radius / Edge / Prism

Serves in Applications Not Requiring Dante™


Designed to serve in standalone DSP applications, those not requiring Dante network audio, the Solus NX

series features the same DSP power and delay memory as Symetrix’ Radius, Prism, and Edge DSPs.

Solus NX is ideally suited for a large range of installed sound applications, delivering DSP-intensive processing, routing and delay in systems requiring sophisticated loudspeaker management, auto-mixing, paging, routing and distribution, mic/line processing, AGC, room combining and more.

Three audio input/output options.

Solus NX 4×4 (4 in, 4 out), Solus NX 8×8 (8 in, 8 out), Solus NX 16×8 (16 in, 8 out). All three models feature a front panel LCD that provides system status and audio level information. A single push-button is used to navigate menus.

Powerful, efficient DSP configured using award winning Composer CAD design software. Route, process, and control audio in nearly unlimited ways serving countless applications. Eliminating the need for multiple software applications, all Symetrix open-architecture DSPs, including Solus NX, are programmed using Composer.

Multiple end user control options.

Solus NX DSPs can be controlled from Symetrix ARC wall panels including the universal mount ARC-3, the virtual ARC-WEB,

Symvue - a custom Windows® runtime control interface, third-party Ethernet equipped touch panels, or a combination of any or all of the above.

Solus NX’ embedded web server displays analog I/O levels, diagnostics, and hosts the ARC-WEB control interface. The server is accessible from any networked smart phone, tablet, or computer by simply entering into the browser’s address field Solus NX’ local LAN or publicly accessible IP address, or its fully qualified domain name.