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Radius NX 4x4

Radius NX 4×4 (4 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs) Optional AEC coprocessor module – up to 16 channels.

USB audio port enables soft-codecs + record/playback.

Dedicated routing resources for a 128×128 Super Matrix.

4-port Gigabit Switch serves Dante + control networks.

Ultra-low noise preamps with 3 dB gain steps. Support for Radius and Edge Expansion Cards. Microsoft Teams Compatible.


Radius NX 4×4 also has 64×64 redundant Dante and identical DSP resources. The difference only in analog I/O, logic output, and external control input capacity

The reduced cost of the 4×4 makes it extremely competitive in applications where many Dante endpoints are routed to a primary DSP and fewer analog connections are required Optional virtualized and scalable AEC coprocessor module.

For conferencing applications, the dual-core coprocessor provides up to 16 channels of full-bandwidth AEC with unparalleled clarity and intelligibility. USB host port. Supports upcoming recording and archiving, audio media playback, digital messaging, and automatic unit backup for rapid field swaps.

128×128 Super Matrix. A Next-generation SHARC Dual-core Processor enables a Composer Super Matrix – placing the burden of large matrices in one core while freeing the second core for general-purpose signal processing – making it possible to design very large and complex systems around a single Radius NX. View modes make navigating through large matrices a breeze.

Configurable 4-port gigabit switch. Services both Dante and control networks, eliminating or reducing the need for external switches while avoiding 100 Mbit bottlenecks. Ultra-low noise preamps. Digitally controlled 3 dB steps facilitate precise gain setting resulting in unmatched sound quality.

Option card slot. Accepts all Radius and Edge Expansion Cards, maximizing Radius NX input/output counts or adding special-purpose functionality to reduce total system cost.

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